myservice is a simple JSON Flask application that uses Flakon.

The application is created with flakon.create_app():

import os
from flakon import create_app
from myservice.views import blueprints

_HERE = os.path.dirname(__file__)
_SETTINGS = os.path.join(_HERE, 'settings.ini')

app = create_app(blueprints=blueprints, settings=_SETTINGS)

The settings.ini file which is passed to create_app() contains options for running the Flask app, like the DEBUG flag:

DEBUG = true

Blueprint are imported from myservice.views and one Blueprint and view example was provided in myservice/views/

from flakon import JsonBlueprint

home = JsonBlueprint('home', __name__)

def index():
    """Home view.

    This view will return an empty JSON mapping.
    return {}

Views can return simple mappings (as highlighted in the example above), in that case they will be converted into a JSON response.